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From farm, shelf to table.

From seasonal Maori visitors and the first European farmers, to the hunters, gatherers, family dinners and lakeside fish ‘n chips of today, Hawea has always been a fertile growing region, food gathering centre and tight knit community brought together by delicious local delights. 


Like many before us and yet to come, our family was drawn to Hawea by the stunning sights, delectable produce and wonderful people. When the local Store & Kitchen became available in 2017, we saw an opportunity to be part of this community, support local growers, farmers, winemakers and bakers, and share our international culinary experience with our new neighbours. 


We purchased the store, then for the next two years sat back and took in this superb little town. The hungry builders, ravenous hikers, local families with their weekly favourites. The mums ‘n bubs coffee groups, birthday parties, anniversaries and bump-ins that went on for hours. What we realised was this little Store & Kitchen was more than a local grocer, restaurant and bar. It was the hub and the heart of Hawea.


We wanted this Store & Kitchen to celebrate what makes it so special – a region of delicious produce, a community of friendly, talented folks and a stunning destination we’re lucky enough to call home.


From farm, shelf to table, we work with local suppliers to stock and serve the best of the Southern Lakes.


A nod to the good ol’ days, it’s a revival of a time when everything came in brown paper bags and wicker baskets, people ate locally and with the seasons because that was the only way they could, and Hawea came together at the local Store & Kitchen. 

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