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The Hawea Store

A local grocer like the good ol’ days, we’ve got everything you need and lots of things you want. Where possible, our shelves are lined with organic and spray-free fruit and veg, a selection of locally butchered meat and baked bread, crammed sandwiches, meaty pies, everyday basics and special treats – whether that’s a fine Otago Pinot Noir, box of Speights or a scoop of hokey pokey (that’s really a double scoop).


We’ve carefully chosen all our goods for their quality, taste and local roots where possible and proudly serve them on our hearty takeaway menu, delicious restaurant menu and to our little food critics at home who give us four thumbs up. 


We’re also Hawea’s Information Centre and Post Office, if you’d like to brag about our region’s goodies or get some local tips on anything from jumping out of a plane to hiking up our mountains. 





Local suppliers:

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