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Operations During Lock-Down

Hawea Store & Kitchen will operate as an essential service to the Lake Hawea community throughout the lockdown period that has been enforced by the New Zealand Government, commencing 12:01am, Wednesday 18 August 2021. Please note that our essential service is GROCERIES only, during this time. New hours 10am – 2pm, daily (these hours and days are subject to change – please stay informed via our networks) The new rules of engagement: - If you, or someone in your household is currently unwell (even mildly) PLEASE do not enter the store - There may be only two shoppers inside the premises at any time - Please observe compulsory 2m social distancing while inside the premises - We ask all customers to use the hand sanitiser on the counter upon entry and exit - Where possible, just one person per household should complete the shop - Wherever possible, contactless Paywave payment is preferred  The following services will NOT be available during lock-down - NZ Postal services - Green Waste key - Fishing Licenses - Coffees – takeaway or otherwise - ANY food prepared or heated onsite (incl. pies, take aways, cabinet food) Deliveries We are taking delivery requests within the Hawea community.  Contactless bank transfer prior or paywave payment upon delivery is the preferred method of payment.  2m social distancing is required. Shop Smart To minimise any type of congregation and contact, we encourage you to make the visit worthwhile – so rather than making lots of small trips to the store throughout the week, try to minimise your trips and get what you need during one visit.  Stock Items We’re currently taking requests for particular stock.  If there is something you would like to see on the shelves, send us an email – Changes Regular updates will be posted via our facebook and instagram pages, and we will continue to send alerts out through this particular channel. Thank you for your patience and support. Stay well and stay home Hawea. Sincerely, Hamish and Erica Mackay Owners / Operators 03 443 1696 or 022 1527252


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