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Hawea Local Q&A: Cathy & Bill Allison, Gladstone Eggs

We are thrilled to finally be stocking a reliable supply of Hawea's very own free range eggs. These eggs are beautiful, inside and out and already in hot demand. Find them instore today.

Tell us a little bit about the Allison family in Hawea ...

We are the 4th generation of Allison's to live in Hawea Flat. The first Allison arrived from Edinburgh to be the very first teacher at Hawea Flat School. We have been farming in the area for some 40 years and we have raised our family of 4 sons here.

How did you find yourselves running chooks?

Our farming practice has changed over the years and we decided to diversify and try some new things that could use the products we produce.

Prior to Christmas 2019 the opportunity arose to take over Gladstone Eggs from our neighbours so we thought we would give it a go. With their 150 birds and a new intake of 200 hens, Gladstone Eggs is growing. We will increase the number of hens further, as demand dictates.

And what makes Gladstone Eggs special?

Gladstone Eggs are certainly free range.The Gladstone hens are free to roam and we shift them often to make sure they have fresh grass, (which we have especially sown for them). Our aim is to be able to produce the grain to feed them.

Any special interest in the process?

We are passionate about sustainability and recycling. We love to re-use clean egg cartons that have been returned to place the Gladstone Eggs into for resale.

What makes Hawea home?

Hawea is an awesome place to live. There are always different challenges that each season brings to the farm. We enjoy spending our down time with friends and family, especially around the BBQ. - and now we can share our nutritious, delicious free range eggs with them.

And how are the Allison's eating eggs this summer?

Nothing better than having them cooked on the BBQ.

BBQ Eggs... Butter a slice of bread both sides, Cut a hole in the middle using a glass,(or something similar). Place on BBQ and crack an egg into the hole, cook and eat - yum!


Egg salad... Hard boil as many eggs as you would like. When cooked and cooled, slice into a bowl. Cut some chives over the eggs and then cover with your favorite dressing. (We love the old fashioned Highlander condensed milk dressing - which is 1 can of Highlander condensed milk, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tsp of mustard. Shake well and keep refrigerated).


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