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The Hawea Kitchen

Venture up the stairs above our store to find a nod to the past, a reflection of our now, a menu of local produce transformed into delicious plates, each with a taste of home in every bite. 


Our kitchen’s philosophy is one of honesty and pride, as we show off our region’s many talents. Not just the fruits of our labour, but the land they come from, the farmers who care and tend, chefs from all corners who prepare to perfection and dish up with a world of culture and flavour. 


Our love of all things local pours through to our wine and beer list too, carefully curated to celebrate the best of home. And just like the good ol’ days, we offer a menu and setting that adapts with the seasons; warm and cosy in the winter, refreshingly cool in the summer, with a breathtaking view of Lake Hawea all year round. 


Pop in for a chinwag and pint, book in a special night out or soak up the sun on our deck - though if it’s a hearty burger and fries you’re after, check out our takeaway menu.

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