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Take the scenic route past mountain ranges, endless fields and stunning lake to the Hawea Store & Kitchen. A step back in time to the good ol’ days, when veggies were served with the seasons, food was packed in brown paper bags and the general store was just that.


From farm, shelf to table, we work alongside growers, beekeepers, winemakers and bakers to stock and serve the best of the Southern Lakes, whether it’s organic and spray-free fruit on our grocer shelves, or local lamb served with a side of international inspiration at our upstairs restaurant and bar.


Your grocery and liquor store, takeaway, post office, information centre and world-class restaurant in one, everyday we open our doors to local folks, Hawea guests, hikers, hunters and gatherers. Kick off your muddy Red Bands and tramping boots, come on in and enjoy the fruits of our stunning home.


- Erica and  Hamish




Weekly shop, veggie top up, fresh bread or fuel for the adventure, our shelves are lined with everything from the pantry basics to locally-grown delights. Click below to meet our makers and see what’s in-store. 




Venture up the stairs above our store to find a stunning view, warm atmosphere and all our local produce transformed into a menu of delicious plates. It’s here we really get to show off our region’s seasonal specialities and the talents of our international chefs. 

Local delights to-go


Fish ‘n chips are a Kiwi classic for good reason and Hawea are lucky to savour some of the most delectable fresh seafood in the world – if we say so ourselves. Pick up your catch of the day, hearty burger or pizza to enjoy in-store or with a side of lake. 

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